COLLABORATION of experienced Traders and Investors who have scoured the financial markets with the goal of aligning the needs of our clients to world class trading and investing education providers.  Through strategic partnerships, we offer our clients the ability to access proprietary information and indicators prior to a Live Trading Day Trading Tour to discover if trading in the financial markets is an appropriate solution. Our mission is to bring world class trading education to those who want to learn how to trade in the markets or generate and maintain wealth.

WHY? At Day Trading Tour, we specialize in vetting education providers and only offer our clients world-class solutions. We have done all the leg work and research for you.  There are a lot of choices when it comes to learning how to trade and invest. Through a consultative approach, we can help determine if trading and investing is right for you. 

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 "An excellent coaching program for trading the FOREX market. The coaching program is one on one with an experienced coach. To navigate the FOREX market you need an experienced professional to lead you, and to provide the best training possible. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in trading the FOREX MARKET.  Give the program a try and you won't be disappointed!"


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"This one of the top daytrading companies in the industry. Oustanding customer servcie... Seem all are willing to go the extra mile to help with questions and find the answers."

Robert Haley
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"So far everything has been above board and the indicators show positive results. Just getting started so I'll know more in a few months.
08/04/2020. I have completed my 9 week training and have requested my live account. Excited about going with this. I'm confident I'll be able to be successful, but time will tell the story"

Tommy Finley

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