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During the EXPO, we compare different markets and strategies demonstrating how your money “acts” while it is invested.  We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Forex market vs. the stock market.  Most people quickly realize this is something they should have added to their investment plan years ago.   




Education without application is entertainment.
We are not here to entertain you. 

Understanding everyone is not experienced in trading/investing, The EXPO is a 2-day (4 hours each) introduction to the Markets in general.   This is a content driven, strategy comparison, demonstration, and application of the proprietary indicators our clients have access too.  (Register now to gain access)

Day 1

We bring attendees “up to speed” on terminology and introduction to the Markets and Strategy Comparisons. We reinforce the value of taking control and not being ignorant to traditional thoughts and behaviors.  Before the first break, you will know why it is important to focus on Risk Management vs. assuming the Markets are like gambling.  We discuss the power of leverage and how it could make a positive impact to your trading/investing plan. 


We demonstrate how buying and selling stocks/mutual funds can be the most expensive and riskiest asset class to put your money in, and WHY banks and financial institutions will tell you otherwise.  (Come on…  Who cares more about your money than you?)

We ensure attendees understand the Strategy Indicators and discuss the “6 Buy” and “6 Sell” Rules when following a proven system and methodology.  We use charts to back test the rules in preparation for Day 2 of the EXPO when we hold a Trading Competition between all attendees.  SEE FOR YOURSELF the impact this could have immediately in your trading plan. 


We also discuss how our clients can gain access to corporate trading funds up to $100,000 and keep up to 80% of the profits they make PER MONTH.

Day 2

We hit the ground running.  We review any homework given on day one and ensure all questions have been answered.  Again, we demonstrate the Rules putting into Action while introducing our Trading Competition.


Trading Competition Agenda:

1)    Show the value of being disciplined and decisive when the markets provide trading/investing opportunities.  Also, how mentorship can improve results. 

2)    We divide attendees into smaller group(s).   The group with the highest profits achieved during the competition will get a gift card in the amount they profited. 

Please Note:  We are subject to market conditions during the competition.  How?  We apply the rules using LIVE CHARTS.  This allows each attendee to get a “real feel” for trading/investing.   Remember: “The market moves when IT wants to, not when you want it to.” 

Disclaimer: There are times we will take small losses, break even, and take profits during the competition.  We will never ask attendees to re-pay any losses during the competition. 


As you can imagine, most of day 2 is applying the proprietary indicators our clients have access to before the EXPO while helping them decide what their next steps may be.  Most attendees choose to move forward into an appropriate educational program to learn more and gain access to a corporate funded account. Others end their journey at the EXPO.  Point is, if you are looking for someone to talk you into trading/investing go find a mirror.  BUT, if you really want to see what this is all about,


No Cost, No Risk, No Obligation

Register to attend the next Trading/Investing EXPO. 
We intentionally limit access to the EXPO.  Seats are limited.

To reserve your seat to the EXPO, all we ask is a one-time donation of $20 to the Special Ops Warrior Foundation.  This nonprofit organization founded in 1980 helps provide college scholarships and educational counseling to the surviving children of Special Operations personnel killed in the line of duty.



After you have registered for the EXPO, as a bonus, you will get access to our proprietary indicators, LIVE Webinars demonstrating how the indicators are applied,  1-1 Consultative sessions to help you prepare for the EXPO, and more…

Oh, one more thing…  There is no “catch”.
You’re Welcome!

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