What happens during the Tour?

During the Tour, we compare different markets and strategies demonstrating how your money “acts” while it is invested.  We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Forex and Futures markets vs. the Stock and Options markets.  Most people  realize a true diversified portfolio includes most of those markets especially the Futures and Forex markets since they are the largest in the world.

What is the Tour about?

Day Trading Tour will cover everything from risk management when trading in the markets, how to use leverage to your advantage, and what the difference is between the Stocks, Options, Futures, and Forex markets and who should be trading in them. Attendees will gain experience by watching Live Trading throughout the Tour in the Forex (Foreign Exchange) and Futures markets.


For the experienced traders...

We bring everyone up to speed on terminology and introduce you to the markets and strategy comparisons. We reinforce the value of taking control and not being ignorant to traditional thoughts and behaviors. You will learn why it is important to focus on risk management vs. trying to make every trade a winner. We discuss the power of leverage and how it could make a positive impact on your results. Knowing the importance of having a proper trade plan and sticking to it.

For the novice traders...

Understanding everyone is not experienced in trading and investing, the Tour is an introduction to the markets in general.   This is a content driven, strategy comparison, demonstration, and application of proprietary indicators and proven methodologies.

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Learn to earn money for yourself

The Tour teaches you to understand that having established trade rules and a proven system using strategy indicators will help you become a consistent trader. We use charts to back test the rules in preparation for the Live Trading we will be conducting right in front of you.

Who cares more about your money than you do?

The Tour demonstrates how banks and institutions want you to believe buying and selling stocks and mutual funds are a good investment but they can be the most expensive and riskiest to put your money in.


Your path to financial freedom begins here.

By joining the Tour and applying what you learn you will at least know what not to do. On the flip side, you might discover that a path of education and trading is for you. At that point we will help you choose the path that best fits your lifestyle.

Qualify to trade up to $100,000 of our money

Throughout the Tour we will evaluate your trading capabilities and teach you the value of being disciplined and a decisive trader.  If you choose to join our educational program, you will be eligible to trade a company-funded account.